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    Your money will be held securely with Quicoon until you have received
    your goods or services.
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    Quicoon ensures that, you’ll receive your money once you deliver the
    promised goods or services.


    1. Agree
    Buyer and Seller agree to terms.
    2. Payment
    Buyer makes payment to Quicoon.
    3. Notification
    Quicoon notifies seller and asks to deliver.
    4. Delivery
    Seller delivers goods or service to buyer.
    5. Secure
    Buyer approves goods or services.
    6. Release
    Quicoon releases payment to seller.

    Key Features

    Secure your online transactions with Quicoon’s Instant Digital Escrow.

    User Friendly

    Easy-to-use interface for a seamless payment experience.

    Market Place

    Now one stop solution for listing your product and maintain stock.

    E-KYC Verified

    Deal with verified users & decrease chance of getting scammed.

    Multi-Stage Job

    Now create a multi stage job, and get paid accordingly.

    Instant Invoicing

    Well structured and autogenerated invoice to let you focus on work.

    50+ Payment Method

    Pay from 50+ payment mode such as Upi, Credit card, Debit Card etc
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    Your trusted partner for online transactions. We’ve revolutionized the way you buy and sell, making it safer and more secure than ever. Join us for a worry-free online commerce experience!

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    Escrow is a financial arrangement that provides a secure way for parties involved in a transaction to exchange goods, services, or funds with confidence. At Quicoon, we act as the impartial third party in this arrangement. Read More

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    Our platform is designed to accommodate a wide range of products and services, making it a versatile marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Read More

    What Our Beta Users Say

    Get a sneak peek into the Quicoon experience through the eyes of our beta users. Read and see how they’ve found value and reliability in our platform.

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