Quicoon safeguards your money in trust until you get what you've paid for. Funds are only released when you're happy with your purchase.
Read More ensures your safety through an escrow system, user verification, trackable deliveries, and a transparent process. Your protection is our priority.

It's natural to be cautious about a new company. Quicoon is aware of your concerns. We take security seriously, follow the law, and are dedicated to offering a safe platform. Many happy users already trust us, and we're here to earn your trust too.
The seller ships the items after the payment has been Credited in Quicoon Escrow Account and upon receiving notification from Quicoon.
The Buyer has the option to “Reject” or “Accept” the item. If the Buyer decides to “Reject” the item, the Buyer is responsible for covering the cost of shipping.
The Inspection Period is like a set duration that both the Buyer and Seller decide on. During this time, the Buyer can check the goods or services they received to make sure everything's as expected.

The length of the Inspection Period is typically determined by mutual agreement between the Buyer and Seller, and it can vary from one to ten days.

In Quicoon transactions, escrow fees are split 50-50 between the Buyer and the Seller, ensuring fairness for both parties.

Make your payment only after selecting the payment method on your transaction screen.

Your money is held securely in our escrow account at ICICI Bank until the transaction is finished. We release the funds only when both parties are happy with their deal.

Usually, we disburse funds within the same or next business day after the transaction is done. We kindly ask for your patience for 24-48 hours in case of any unexpected situations.
Support Questions
If the Buyer is unsatisfied with their merchandise, they can initiate a dispute on the Quicoon portal. Quicoon holds the funds in the Escrow Account until both parties reach a satisfactory resolution, confirmed by both the Buyer and Seller.
If the Buyer forgets to accept or decline the items during their Inspection Period on Quicoon App, we will release the funds to the Seller at the end of the Inspection Period. However, we will also send push notifications and attempt to contact the Buyer 48 hours before this happens.

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