Are You a Seller? Quicoon is Your Shield Against Payment Risks
Selling online has never been easier, but it comes with its own set of concerns. How can you be sure that you’ll receive your payment once you’ve delivered your goods or services? This is where Quicoon steps in as your reliable escrow service, ensuring your financial security in the world of online transactions.
Why Quicoon is the Right Choice for Sellers?
  • Payment Assurance: Quicoon ensures that you’ll receive your funds as soon as you’ve delivered the promised goods or services. Say goodbye to payment uncertainties.

  • User Verification: We take steps to minimize fraud risk by verifying the identities of our users. This means you deal with genuine buyers.

  • Seamless Transactions: Our platform streamlines transactions, making it easy for sellers to receive payment and provide goods or services with confidence.

  • Inspection Period: Sellers and buyers mutually agree on an inspection period, during which buyers check and accept the merchandise. Your payment is secure during this period.

How Does Quicoon Work for Sellers?
  1. Agreement: Both the seller and the buyer come to terms, agreeing on the price, product specifications, and delivery details.

  2. Payment: The buyer sends the payment to Quicoon, and we secure it until the inspection period is over.

  3. Notification: Quicoon notifies you to deliver the goods or services once the payment is secured.

  4. Delivery: Promptly deliver the goods or services as agreed upon.

  5. Secure: The buyer inspects the received items to ensure they meet the agreed terms and quality.

  6. Release: Once the buyer is satisfied, Quicoon releases the payment to you, and the transaction is successfully completed.

Control and Assurance for Sellers

At Quicoon, you’re in the driver’s seat of your online transactions. You can be confident that your payment is secure while the buyer inspects the goods or services. This level of control sets Quicoon apart as a trusted escrow service.

Our Commitment to Sellers

We understand the unique challenges faced by online sellers. Quicoon aims to be your partner in ensuring that your transactions are not only easy but also secure. No more concerns about receiving your payment or dealing with payment disputes.

Start Selling with Confidence

Join the Quicoon community of trusted sellers who value security and peace of mind in online transactions. Create an account and explore the benefits of our secure marketplace. When you choose Quicoon, you’re choosing financial security for your online transactions.