What is ESCROW ?

What is Quicoon.com?

Quicoon.com is an App based platform available for both Android & IOS that offers escrow and facilitation services for various transactions. It acts as an intermediary between parties involved in a transaction, holding funds in escrow until the agreed-upon conditions are met.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a financial arrangement that provides a secure way for parties involved in a transaction to exchange goods, services, or funds with confidence. At Quicoon, we act as the impartial third party in this arrangement.

We want to ensure that you fully understand the concept of “escrow” and how it works within our platform, whether you’re using our Android or iOS app, or accessing our services via the website.

When to Use an Quicoon's Escrow Service?

Escrow services offer a secure and trustworthy way to facilitate various types of transactions. Here are some common scenarios where using an escrow service like Quicoon can be beneficial:

  1. Online Purchases: When buying high-value items, especially from unfamiliar sellers or in online marketplaces, using an escrow service ensures that you receive the product in the promised condition before the seller receives payment.

  2. Real Estate Transactions: Whether you’re buying or selling property, an escrow service can hold funds and important documents until all the terms and conditions of the sale are met, providing peace of mind to both parties.

  3. Freelance Work: For freelancers and clients, escrow services can be used to ensure that work is completed satisfactorily and that payments are made only when the agreed-upon tasks are finished.

  4. Business Acquisitions: When purchasing an existing business, an escrow service can be used to hold the purchase price until all the necessary legal and financial requirements are met.

  5. International Trade: In global trade, where buyers and sellers may be in different countries, using an escrow service can mitigate risks related to shipping, product quality, and payment across borders.

  6. Large Purchases: Whether it’s a high-value collectible, a vehicle, or any other expensive item, using an escrow service ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations before finalizing the transaction.

  7. Domain Name Sales: In domain name transactions, escrow services help verify domain ownership and ensure that funds are transferred securely.

  8. Custom Orders: For customized or made-to-order products, escrow can be used to guarantee that the product meets the buyer’s specifications before releasing payment to the seller.

  9. Legal Settlements: Escrow is commonly used in legal cases to hold funds or assets until a lawsuit is settled or a court order is fulfilled.

  10. Complex Agreements: Any situation where there are multiple conditions, deliverables, or parties involved in a transaction can benefit from escrow to ensure all terms are met.

However, we as platform are providing dedicated service for Freelancers and online purchases, but you can feel free to use this platform for other services. Using an escrow service adds an extra layer of security and trust to various transactions, reducing the risk of fraud, non-performance, and disputes.

What can you buy or sell with Quicoon?

At QUICOON.com, you can buy and sell a wide range of products and services. Some of the common categories include:

  1. Freelance Services: Hire or offer freelance services in areas like web design, writing, graphic design, programming, and more.

  2. Goods: Purchase or sell physical items such as electronics, clothing, accessories, collectibles, and more.

  3. Digital Products: Buy and sell digital products like ebooks, software, music, and downloadable artwork.

  4. Art and Handmade Items: Discover and sell unique handmade crafts, art pieces, jewelry, and more.

  5. Services: Find and offer various services such as tutoring, consulting, home repair, and event planning.

  6. Tickets and Events: Buy or sell tickets to concerts, sports events, theater shows, and other entertainment events.

  7. Real Estate: Explore properties for sale or rent, including houses, apartments, and commercial spaces.

  8. Vehicles: Buy or sell cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

These are just a few examples of what you can buy or sell on QUICOON.com. Our platform is designed to accommodate a wide range of products and services, making it a versatile marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

How does Quicoon.com work?

QUICOON.com works in a simple step-by-step process:

  1. Agree: The Buyer and Seller come to an agreement on the terms of their transaction.

  2. Payment: The Buyer submits the payment to QUICOON.com for the agreed-upon goods or services.

  3. Notification: QUICOON.com notifies the Seller and requests them to deliver the goods or services.

  4. Delivery: The Seller promptly delivers the agreed-upon goods or services to the Buyer.

  5. Secure: The Buyer reviews and approves the received goods or services to ensure they match the agreed-upon terms and quality.

  6. Release: Once the Buyer is satisfied, QUICOON.com releases the payment to the Seller, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction process for all parties involved.