Goods and Services We Protect:

At Quicoon, we understand how important it is to have a secure and worry-free experience when buying or selling goods and services. That’s why we’ve got your back when it comes to protecting a wide range of transactions. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve got covered:

ElectronicsWhether you’re buying or selling smartphones, laptops, or gadgets, we’ve got you covered with our secure escrow service.
Fashion and AccessoriesFrom clothing and footwear to accessories, you can shop and sell with confidence using our escrow pay service.

Home and LivingTransactions related to furniture, home decor, and appliances are safeguarded with Quicoon’s escrow as a service.
ServicesWe protect a range of services like freelance work, web development, and more to ensure secure transactions.

CollectiblesWhether it’s rare coins, stamps, or antiques, your collectible transactions are in safe hands with our escrow accounts in India.
Online CoursesIf you’re in the market for educational courses, Quicoon ensures a secure experience¬† through our escrow account India.

Goods and Services Not Protected
Category Description
Munitions We do not safeguard transactions involving weapons and military equipment.
Firearms Buying and selling firearms are not protected on our platform.
Gambling Transactions related to betting, gambling, or lottery tickets are excluded.
Timeshare Ownership While subject to’s discretion, timeshare ownership transactions may not be protected.
Currencies This includes all forms of currency, digital or otherwise.
Bulk Social Media Account Sales We do not protect bulk transactions of social media accounts. However, individual account transactions are covered.
Drugs Any transactions involving illegal drugs are not protected.
Alcohol Alcohol-related transactions are not covered on Quicoon.